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Pictures From Doug Gust's Visit To Our Dealership.

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JJ was supposed to be there, but just one of his bikes was instead. Doug says Jeramiah is in good spirits and is hoping for the best. He is taking rehab very well, Doug was very polite and proffessional. Cool to meet a pro who doesnt have an ego and you know he started riding for the same reasons we all did. Team Yoshimura Suzuki's rig was packed full of stuff for the Race at Englishtown this weekend. There was a drawer for EVERY individual part you can imagine. All OEM spares where lying around, and they appologized for the bikes and rig being dirty from the previous race. Ill post some more later, enjoy fellas.

uhhhh...hahaha. dont ask
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thats pretty cool that they came to your dealer and JJ's ltr is off the chain(to bad he cant ride it)i want the hubs on it they are sick....
hell yea they are. I should also note that Dougs tires where flipped backwards so they would fit in the narrow truck aisle.
Good Coverage!!!!

I see that Jason Dunkelberger made it along also and wore his traditional pink! :fro:

I live like 20 min from Xtreme machines
U guys must feel how i did when Doug gust, his wife and a couple of his friends came to my local/favorite track.
Some really cool pictures there...the Suzuki rig really is amazing
awesome pics thanks for sharring them :cheers:
wish I could of made it, did Doug say anything about Jones condition?

On another note how much per hour is the dyno? I sent you guys an email with no response <_<
Nice pics thanks for posting. Does JJ have an aftermarket swing arm, cause I see red?
gee i hate those heelguards
How do u hate them?

What! I wish i could buy those, all the other heelguards are smaller and have less protection.
Did anyone notice that red swingarm on JJs bike?

Also check out the frame guard/friction tape.

Cant help but notice that blue VP race fuel can either.

I also missed the exhaust shield the first time!

I also noticed that that pipe is just a little bit different than mine. I need to go and take a look at mine again. I Know there are no springs on mine at the first step-up. Not sure if the step-ups are different though,.
Not to highjack the thread but Elks is there anywere in NC to legally ride on the beach with the quads?
You know I don't know of anywhere but I"m sure there are a few places. Let me ask around!
I have met Gust and Jones like 4 times each and they both were very cool down to earth guys to meet and talk to! Too bad JJ couldn't have been there for you too meet also.... sometimes bad things happen to good people!
yea i was supposed to go there that day. my bike was there gettin a new bolt cause i snapped one and they had to drill it out. hay didnt cost me its under warranty. i live like 5 min from there but i figured why go when hes gunna be a e-town raceway for the wpsa finals. he was fast as hell too. him and wimmer were battlin it out cause they were almost tied in points. but of coarse gust pulled through but that wasnt the big finally race though, thats tomorrow.
i asked before but idk if it got answered why are they running AC parts instead of blingstar?
Alright let me know Elks you can pm me if you want.
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