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Pics Of First Race On The Ltr!!!

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these are from a few weeks back just bored here at work thought i would post em

hate to show this one since i got almost last off the gate lol

but hey it was the first time i ever started on the ltr lol i got 2nd off the gate 2nd moto!!

A good friend of mine Brandi took these pics she does all the local races pretty good huh!!

thanks Brandi


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Woo Wooo! are those Cernics stickers I see on the hood?
Is that the tt at sand mountain speedway?????
yea it is the tt at sandmountain

yea kyle you know got to rep for ya !!
looks like you had a good time. nice LTR too!
Yeah i think i saw you at the last race. Anyways can't wait till next season.

Thank you Brandon!!! For the comment!!! I am hapy to know you consider me a "good" friend lol !!! Yea he ran really good and yes that is the TT track @ Sand Mount!!! So if any of you local ppl want pics let me know for sure!! Thanks again!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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