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Pic Of The Month Rules

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Just wondering if I could enter this for Pic Of The Month ----

This is not me........ BUT I am right behind him.... I jumped right after .... they just didn't take a picture of me.
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now thats some funny stuff right there. i dont care who you are thats funny :lol:
You were on the yellow one right?? :p
You were on the yellow one right?? :p
HONESTLY...... I don't really remember... I have both.
No i thought you took the picture? Because i was right in front of him and you missed me?

I just didn't figure it would matter that much b/c Robbie was riding my bike. (he doesn't have one of his own! especially not at his OWN HOUSE!!)
lmao... i dont think i could add to your guys humor on this one...

I clearly remember myself right behind Robbie... in fact.. I probably went a tad further than him. :p
well i went over first but we only had one bike and he wanted me to do it first cause he was scared. but i i mean my dad was too worried about me jumping it that he forgot to take a picture :lol:
Well, Robbie is a bit of a pest too. After my son and I jumped it, it was just one question after another...

"What gear were you in?"

"Did it seem high?"

"Were you scared?"

blah, blah, blah - we finally got tired and left. I can see by the pic that he finally got the courage up - good for him...
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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