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Paddle Tire Choice Dilemma

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I got rid of my 20x10x8 8 paddle haulers because they only measured 18" and I didn't like that. I'm going on a dune trip next weekend so I don't have much time to order. If I could wait I would get a 20x10x8 7 paddle bead to bead in a 65 or 66 rollout or a 21x12x8. I went riding last weekend with HQ member MIKE that had this exact setup and I liked it a lot. The only problem with getting the haulers is I would have to wait too long so I wouldn't have the paddles for my trip. I can get the 6 paddle Brats in a comp cut from a local vendor before next weekend, but I'm not sure about their durability. Anyone have any experience with the brats? Are they so thin that I can't ride on they pavement or gravel coming and going to the dunes or hit the occasional root or stump while doing tree shots? I like what I have heard about them performance wise, but I'm not sure about the durability. Anyone want to help me with my decision?

The way I see it I can buy the brats and hope they are durable enough for the local dunes or order the haulers and borrow some tires for this weekend.

Help a brother out :)
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I keep telling myself to STOP responding in the paddle tire threads because I am sure you all are sick of hearing from me...I am trying to fight the urges!

ha ha ha yeah me too....

I will say this, Try the brats once and you'll know instantly..... this is the HIGH you want :)

I tried them once and now I'm hooked on Padla-Crack :scoot:

this kinda reminds me of the 400ex air filter info.... it always seems to go in one ear and out the other. But once they see it in action..... they start listening.

I think to truely compare a brat to a hauler..... it needs to be comp cut vs. triple buff. I can still say the triple buff hauler is fly light but its not as wide as the brat. And wide is where the floatation and traction are probably going to be.
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