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2005 Honda TRX450R

HRC Kit (cam, snorkel, breather T, HRC needle)
Ron Wood Exhaust
VCP--Hammerheadz 12.25:1 mid-comp piston
91 octane pump gas (93 if available)
Boone450R Ported and Polished head with KW springs, KW valves (+1 mm exhaust valves)
Dyna CDI (curve 1)
KBR DD Intake
Evans NPG+ coolant
Clutch Mod (bead blasted steel plates)
Dumonde Tech lubes
13/39 gearing

LSR DC4 +2" +1" Long Travel A-Arms (Chrome)
Custom Axis rebound and compression adjustable triple-rate front shocks with remote reservoirs
LSR Outlaw Swing Arm +1.25" (Chrome)
Custom Axis rebound and compression adjustable dual-rate rear shock with remote reservoir
LSR Axcalibur +3 rear axle
Woodward Specialties bearing carrier
LSR Anti-Fade nut
DID X-Ring Chain
TM Designworks Slide and Glide (part no. HCP-80K)
Quad Tech carbon fiber skid
JH Racing case saver
TRM Frame Gusseting

Fasst Flex Bars (ATV bend)
IMS Pegs w/kick up
IMS Heel guards
Burgard +1 anti-vibe steering stem (chrome)
Works Connection Clutch lever w/ hot start
Works Connection rotating bar clamp (front brake)
Precision Racing Products steering stabilizer
Galfer brake lines (Red)
Pro-Grip lever grips
Foam grips (no more blisters)
PIAA H6M replacement bulbs (part no. 70023)
Paddla Brat 6 Paddle Comp Cut 21X12X8 on Douglas .125
Skat Trak Mowhawks w/ center row on Douglas .125

Fuel ATV Front Bumper (Chrome)
Polished Kick Starter
Polished Sub-Frame
Custom Seat cover by XtremeQuadCovers
Padgett Customs polished flame parking brake block off
Verde Powersports flame shock covers (black w/ silver flames)
PRM Desert grab bar
Mod Quad billet fuel selector
ATV Four-Play billet brake line clamps
Instigator Racing oil fill plugs
Custom Candy Purple powder coating!

Coming Soon:
FCR 43mm
Polish more parts
Clear PC polished parts
HID lighting
Always on the lookout to test other exhaust systems.



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Holy Crap! Dude your bike is BAD to the bone :arrow: Almost makes me wish I bought one of those instead...or at least had the money you put into it! :idea: Wish you lived closer to So Cal because I would love to see that thing run! :? Action pics next!

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Beautiful machine man! looks great! What kind of brake lines are those? How do you like your Fasst Bars?

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Originally posted by dirtpilot15x
Beautiful machine man! looks great! What kind of brake lines are those? How do you like your Fasst Bars?
Galfer (see above)...Flex, they are nice! I am in my mid 30's and I have arthritis, wife calls me old man all the time and they really help me. I run them very loose and they make a very, very noticable difference. I would recommend them highly. If you buy them and don't like them, trust me you can get at least 90% of your money back by selling them on one of the forums.

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i am very very fond of that 450r . very nice a lot of time money and R&D put into it.
the fasst bars. what are they like. i love them

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Looks awesome...Clean, simple. Just the way I like it.
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