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Ok Lol Last Question

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ok i know this is my 4th topic or so.... im really excited
and well i dont know what to get for my ltr first
absolutly no motor mods due to warinty stuff
so what would you sugested :huh:
im thinking one of these graphics, hood, beak, bumper, or ect...
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my dad said since i maned up enough to buy it with my own money and all and not beg for it, he said he'll help me out pay for it i had 4500 saved up and 2,300 for the trade in so he said he'll pay the 400 i was missing, and i would only have to give him 50 bucks a month and he'll help me out along the way :D so im pretty happy,

it will be used for mx & xc im gana race the xc events with my bro when he goes to them for fun but i dont plan on becoming a pro in xc,
:D lol thanks i was going to do that any way, but im not sure about the lid part ? do u have to take the lid off ? i ride in some think mudd ? !
i didn't know if it would have made it lean or rich or something lol thanks though
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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