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Oil Leak?

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i went riding this weekend, and pushed the quad a little hard. the ride time on the bike now is about 5 hrs. well what my problem is, i noticed an oil leak coming from behind the sprocket on the engine. i had a little oil dripped on my skidplate, and i further inspected the leak by taking off the sprocket and case saver. the leak was coming from behind the spocket under a plate that is bolted onto that area, not from the sprocket seal. if you look closely down there you'll see the number 450 on the engine, the leak was coming from above that. i couldn't visualize the leak due to the fact that its under that plate i was talking about. so i just put back on the sprocket and case saver and took it to temecula motorsorts for warranty work. any body here had that problem before? also has anybody had temecula motorsports do work on thier bikes, are they good? also while i was thier i saw jeremy schells ltr450 there. it looked beat to hell, and the engine was missing. i asked what was wrong with it, the employee told me the tranny had locked up and was in his words" shedded to shit". but the bike in suzuki's defense looked like it had been used in war, and if you think about it, it was used by a pro level rider for a while now, and pros push thier bikes hard.
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