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North Korea & Nukes

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If you watch the news you know that they set one off underground yesterday. How do you feel about this whole situation.
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Ready to go when ever they send up the red star cluster. Think the Koreans are in a stinky situation. Not just toying with the US policy but with the UN, NATO, Britian...etc. Would be a hellacious war with them. They have more artillery peices pointed down range then our entire force stationed in S. Korea
say if they do launch one over here or what not, is there a way to blow it up or do we just start praying..... ive pondered this a long time but no one can give me a answer, do we have anything that will take it out or what not ?
We have many ways of shooting down missiles. Anti-ballistic Missiles (the Arrow) are one of our prime means of defeating even long range missiles. The only issue so far is a multiplle warhead attack or a suprise attack. If we know its coming we can get it down safely. If they launch, alla stealth, then we will just have to see. As of yet, I do not believe they have full capabilities for launching an assault on CONUS. OCONUS or overseas post, ports and stations will have to be on the ball however.
I think Japan is the one who needs to keep their eye's open.
Possibly, but remember they have 7th fleet and 3rd Marines right there. Plus all the Army BS in SK. I think primary target will be US strategic capabilities in the AO.
They have been trying for years. We only allow a "self defense force." However, they DID help us out in Afganistan and Iraq for a while. Sent over there seld defense navy.
there's no way they would bea ble to launch one and make it here, pretty sure they know that.
Actually they could. They have medium range 2 stage missles which potentially could hit Alaska, Hawaii and even perhaps the Pacific NW. The spokey part is the developement of thier ICBM the Taepo Dong-2. That one would be a bitch to try and stop from hitting anywhere they wanted.
What I meant was, the US would shoot it down.
Thats the thing. NK doesnt have full capability yet (that we know of) and although we have some protective measures in place it is not 100% that we will detedt a launch or that we can shoot it down. We have not experienced any "real time" exercises for our current counter measures. The Air Force is developing some laser munitions that will help with multi warhead ICBMs but they are years away from being employed. If they shoot a medium range missle at us, depending if we notice the launch, would ,pst likely not able to knock it down. If they get a shot off without us seeing it, we are screwed. In other words, we have to know its coming to be able to shoot it down.
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