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Newbie..with A Question

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Hey guys I just got a 2007 lt-r450 2 nights ago.
I owned a 2001 400ex previously.
I race for fun on the local MX track and do some racing in the woods to just for fun.
I live in Ontario Canada.

My question..

Im only about 140 pounds, and I find the suspension doesnt soak up enough for me, it tends to just bounce off the ruts rather then soak them up. So heres what I did. Took 3 turns out of the spring adjusters, 1 turn out of compression, and 1 turn out of the bottom adjuster which I believe is rebound. It still is not how I want it to be. So is there any advice you could give me on making the front suspension feel less ridgid...right now it feels like I have 2 steel tubes for shocks, it gives me BAD arm pump.

Thanks! :fro:
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Where is I-Shock located?
Can they fix a broken seal, or do a revalve on my 87 banshees rear shock? Can you give me a phone number also please :) Thanks!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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