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Newbie..with A Question

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Hey guys I just got a 2007 lt-r450 2 nights ago.
I owned a 2001 400ex previously.
I race for fun on the local MX track and do some racing in the woods to just for fun.
I live in Ontario Canada.

My question..

Im only about 140 pounds, and I find the suspension doesnt soak up enough for me, it tends to just bounce off the ruts rather then soak them up. So heres what I did. Took 3 turns out of the spring adjusters, 1 turn out of compression, and 1 turn out of the bottom adjuster which I believe is rebound. It still is not how I want it to be. So is there any advice you could give me on making the front suspension feel less ridgid...right now it feels like I have 2 steel tubes for shocks, it gives me BAD arm pump.

Thanks! :fro:
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Also when I ride real rough tracks or trails, my hands get real sore, Im in good shape and my hands and fingers get to the point where I cant move them, and my thumb starts slipping off the throttle on bumps. Does this have to do with it being too stiff up front, or should I invest in a stabilizer? Sorry for all the questions.
What you have is what we call "Arm Pump". It is caused by over gripping the hand controlls. To alleviate the problems:

1. Relax. This is the number one culpret for arm pump.
2. Nice set handle bars. Prefferably Fasst Flexx. They have rubber bumpers that soak up much of the bumps.
3. Good steering stabilzer. Presicion is about the best you can get on the market. This will greatly reduce fatigue.
4. Upgrade your suspention or at least get them revalved and set up for your style of riding.
5. Change the angle of your thumb throttle. Usually they are set at a general angle at the dealership. They mechanic sets them for his hands, which aren't yours.

These are some of the more commonly means of reducing fatigue. The most important though is to relax. Move with the bike and try not to fight it.
Make sure you go to practice day to check it out. Expect to bottom out on only the biggest jumps. If you don't, loosen up a lil more.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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