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New updates coming in May!

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Ok a few new things coming in a few days!!! Me and kheft will be doing the update.

1. New QOTM
2. Page content slightly different/better.
3. Updating pics page, if you guys saw the (post a pic of your ltr) thread in the forum, your pictures will go on that page, along with a few others, so enter them while you can if you want them on the website. :)
4. Monthly poll, kheft will be making a monthly poll to see what the millions of guests we get think :) (Kind of like polls)
5. QOTM VOTING will take place on the main site next month, you will still enter them in the forum, but it will be in a poll on the homepage for voting to prevent cheating and getting more votes!
6. ::Biggest Update:: We are upgrading to an INVISION forum, don't worry - all the posts and members will be transfered, it will just look like a new layout to you :) We are going to Invision because over all it's a better board than phpbb2, it isn't free, but it has alot more features like image attaching, garages, etc.

any questions/comments let us know... thanks!
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Also expect a REALLY COOL video page, as you may have noticed it said "under contruction" for the past 6 months, haha. It'll be a neet set-up that most of you are familiar with, but you don't see many if any on quad sites.
I'm excited...if you need some tweaking Taylor, I can try to help as well. Should be great!
Called Yoshi and they said the Video Page will be up in TWO WEEKS :eek:
Since I spent 3 weeks hunting nerf bars for my LTR, then how about our sponsers and advertisers postong in a section only for them that, certain products are available.... Sometimes it takes them days even weeks to update their web pages........ Since the new ltr has so limited aftermarket products. This way we get first picks.... :eek:
Looking really good Taylor! I got the money you sent me and thanks for the sticker lol ;)
how about our sponsers and advertisers postong in a section only for them that, certain products are available
? :blink:
I've been really behind lately.

But I'm going to be working on it some more tonight and the next few days, have alot of things to do still. Sorry for the hold up
? :blink:
Thanks for a great site. :p
I will get this poll system done once I decide to say within the state of Ohio for more then 5 days. California, Michigan, Michigan, and then last weekend I went to Columbus for the drags. What can I say, being home for more then a week gets boring.
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