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nerfs now or when?

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:evil: I am flippen out, need nerfsbars and every one is sold out . Thinking of proarmor standard sports $149.00 would like to keep the heel & pegs for now . BUT here is the Problem, I would go with AC which set the pegs -Back & - down by 1 inch, and I was thinking if it sets the both sides down well,
Thats great for the already to low shifter position but,

1. Will this create a problem with my brake peddle, its high up as it is

2. If I XC with it will will it create hang up ... underneath by sitting lower than the frame.. although I would be changing wheels & tire size...

Duds I need to pass this hurdle & order nerfs by Tonight. lots of places require it just to practice.

Thanks :arrow:
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I can help a little..... when the stock suspension is fully bottomed out the frame is still 2 inches off the ground. So how much lower then the frame are these pegs? I have not checked, but the brake peddle should be adjustable, so you can move it down to where you want it within reason.

Thanks fuel . I will try adjusting brake peddle. and try ac to see if any body has in stock .
I believe the point he is trying to make (correct me if I am wrong) is there may be clearance issues with the AC when the suspension is bottomed out.
You can also move the shifter up a notch...makes a world of difference. You need to pull the cover and notch it about a 1/4". If you have a belt sander handy it is perfect for a nice curve in the plastic and it totally looks factory.
If you are looking for standard AC nerfs then check out and call Magic Racing, got mine in on the 19th and already put them on. Also they are thick, brackets have a peg cut out on them and are super light.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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