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nerfbar and skidplate deliverys and suggestions

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has anyone ordered skidplate or nerfbars from
i need nerfbars and a rear and engine skidplate ASAP

any suggestions ?

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I oredered Pro Armor and they were actually cheaper through ProArmor. They are running 20% off all Ltr parts if you order them now but you will not get them for a few weeks. I ordered the rear and main skid plates and the pro-nerf bars.
I am not sure about the number plate I would call them and ask. They were helpfull when I called. (888) 312-7667
I believe the shipping weight was 13 pounds for both the rear skid and the nerf bars. I ordered the main at a different time and have no idea on that. I am sure the shipping weight includes a lot of packing weight.
I should be getting residuals on this. Irish it looks like you were just in time too they dropped the 20% off to 10%. The weight issue to me is not too big of a deal since I weight 150lbs I can add 20 to my quad and still have less weight than most riders.
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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