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How often do you ride LTR in the street

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Neighborhood Rides

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I don't get to ride that often, but I like to warm the engine up every once in a while. Which sometimes leads to a little neighborhood ride. I don't want to start pissing off my neighbors, so how often do you guys think you can do that without getting the neighbors mad or the cops called?
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My neghbors HATE me... they can't even stand the 1972 z50 let alone the ltr w/ yosh and no sparky, but i get go out and play all the time.
My closest neighbor is a mile away so I just ride on the 240 acres I live on....Don't mean to hijack but where do I find some designs for tracks???
I would use Nintendo Excitebike to design a track. I use to build tracks all the time on that game. Dang, those were the days!! :)

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My neighbors would come after me with their torches and pitchforks if they could. The LTR is a welcome break after my 1/4 mile car & the Chevelle. They even salute me as I go by now...some French middle finger thing they do...they all think I'm #1 :p

I just salute them right back :lol:
I always ride on the street... Cuz its flat and you can jump on ur seat and ride wheelies past cars!!!

Cam man sux and it was done on my phone but watch for the foot placement on this one... More to come with betta cam and wicked ass stunts!!!!

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I can't see the vids. I'm having trouble with a vid post too using Photobucket. I don't think the got the bugs worked out yet.
Same boat here - neighbors hate me but can't stop me - we take her up and down the street 3-4 times a week!!!
win i was 9 to 15 years old, i used to rider my banshee yz125 and my lt250r on the street every day in pontiac mi,in the summer the cops impounded them like 6 times, then they just stoped careing and would stop me and tell me to push it to were i was going to ride then they just gave up and just drove buy lol, the lt250 was loud with full fmf pipes :D
My neighbors hate me. I ride ofcouse our quads, then customers quads. If niether of those my wife and i rip around on our pimped out 50's .... well not 50's, but loud azz 110's......yes i went through a 50 phase. IF the neighbors call the cops i break out the LOUD AS HELL go peds. Lets say mine has a stoker, big bore and big azz exspansion champer. The go-peds are legal so they cannot do chit.

I only use the roads to go a few hundred feet to my grandpa's farm field and then I follow a dirt path to my own track, otherwise my tires never touch the pavement.
My neighbors actually think my 4-wheelers are cool and welcome a ride or two. They have dirt bikes and they ride them around too, so no one can complain. A cop lives behind us and he doesn't even care. And yes, I do live in a deed restricted subdivision. Just got lucky with good neighbors I guess.
Well i forgot to mention i don't live in a Subdivision , so i don't have a neighborhood.
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