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Need Your Opinion

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what do you guys think?


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looks good...lights work good?
sweet ride
Are those the car headlights that you can buy at you rlocal Autozone/Advanced auto parts, etc?

Quad looks great...but really interested in the lights...maybe I'm just looking at them wrong
yes they are driving lamps(hella) and they are abought 90$ canadian
they are very bringht 2x55watts with a very white beam!!!

as bring as a car
looks like its smiling at me :( im scared ..... j/k

awsome looking bike... i like the bumper,, and the head lights was an awsome idea
Horrible looking bike...I think you ought to give it to me and start all over with a fresh LTR... :lol:

J/K man...sweet ride... :D
Yeah that ltr looks damn good. Are those holeshot gncc?

How do you like the gncc's? I am about due for some new tires.
Nice quad!!
I have that same bumper on my wifes Z. Always wondered how it would look on the LTR, now I know. Very very nice. Don't them lights shine yellow. Would'nt that make it hard to see with in the dunes? Nice work so far though.
I see those lights everytime i go to MAEIR. Got any good night pics with them on.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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