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Need Help With Selling!

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Ok i have a 2006 Black TRX250ex w/Full Yoshimura RS3 comp stainless steel exhaust. I need help deciding how much i can sell it for? To help you guys give me a good guess the pipe only has an 1 hr on it and the quad has less than 6 hours on it. Also MSRP is $3,699.
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Hmm, MSRP is 3799$ on an 06...used one's seem to be going for around the 2900$ mark from what I've seen, but I've also seen ads from dealers selling a brand new one for 3200$.

Around the 2800$ mark? Seems crazy as you can pick up an "MX Ready" 400ex for 3200$ without much effort but...I'd say start around the 2800$ price range myself, and if it doesn't sell in a few weeks bump the price down from there. Just my opinion
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