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Need Help Quick

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hey i was at a race today and my FI light came on. its not staying on its blinking, but no rapidly. im low on the colant stuff is that why. what does that light mean.
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The coolant stuff could be your problem. Fill the Coolant stuff back up to the "F" mark and see if the light turns off. If not it could be a number of things from the TPS, or any other malfunction in the EFI system. Which you will need to use a diagnotics computer to asess the situation.
ok the only problem is, is that i cant get any colant for tomorrow because all of the stores are closed on sunday and my race starts at 7:45 am. would i be able to siphen out some collant from my brothers yfz and use that or is it different?
Thats odd, the only time my quad does that is when i forgot to hookup my tether cord.
well it could have been that t/o switch because when the light turned on, i was sideways on a hill. but i definately need collant though. i put that into the cap under the right front fender that says not to open when hot right?
If it's close to full some distilled water should work. Dont try until others confirm this though..
yes that is where you add the coolant. you could just add some distilled water you can get it at any grocery store like safeway about a dollar a gallon. you need to count how many times it is blinking and the pause between them. you know is it blinkin 2 times then pause then blinkin 2 times again?? post that and someone will prob know what is wrong. let us know the outcome.
ok i will let you guys no. i cant start it to find out because its like 11 at night. but i will let you guys know once i get back from my race. im just gunna add some distilled water for now. and then ill see what happens. i started my bike when i got home before and the light didnt blink anymore. hopefully its only because of the coolant being low. thanks guys.
imo if you race you should have that kind of stuff on hand.good luck tomorrow.
screw that im goin to suzuki's rig and askin them if i can buy some from them. haha hopefully they let me.
i am sure your quad does not need to be running because if its not running cause of an FI prob the light still has to blink to tell you what is wrong with it
i added a little distilled water for the race. the light never went on. i have one more question. oh yea by the way, i went up to suzuki and asked them if i can buy some coolant off of them and they just gave me 2 quarts of it for free. gust won the wpsa series!! yea gust! ok do i have to dilute the coolant at all. if so how much percentage do i use? thanks for all of the help.
ok do i have to dilute the coolant at all. if so how much percentage do i use? thanks for all of the help.
look at the bottles of the coolant you got. The labels will say if its pre-mixed or if you need to add water and how much.
i have motul inugel optimal ultra. it says its concentrated. but how much should i mix it with water? how much protection do i need. either 33%,40%.50%,60%. for 33% it protects up to 260*F, 40% protects up to 272*F, 50%protects up to 277*F, and 60% protects up to 282*F. how much should i use?
50/50 is usually the mix if its not already been premixed for you...
i tried to put it in from the cap that twists off under the brake lever side fender and it was filled to the top. but on the coolant tank, it still is low, it didnt add any. should i just add some coolant right to the tank where that overflow cap thing is? should be adding it there in the first place
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