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Need Help Picking Some Bars

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i put a set of trail tech's high bend x-bars & clamp on my ltz and love them, so that being said i'm having trouble getting comfortable on my ltr. i kinda feel like a jockey compared to my ltz, it seems i'm farther forward and the bars seem lower. so i want to raise the bars up and trail tech said there clamp and low bend bars are a little taller than stock, and i need the low bends because of control cable case scenario i would like to get fasst flexx bars but don't know which clamp to get the most rise with out having to get a $300 + stem,cables, etc. etc. am i just being wierd an get used to the position or try putting a bar/clamp set-up together :huh:
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Flexx bars are nice, but I honestly liked my Trail Tech medium bend bars more as far as comfort. The bend was awesome and put my hands and arms in the perfect position. The flexx bars feel too straight or something, i cant really put my finger on it. But i love the way the flexx bars absorb the hits and stuff that would normally leave my wrists sore for the next week.
They have different bends 12, 14, ATV, Custom riders
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