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Well here is the end result of my winter rebuild. I bought the beast new in 2006 and was contemplating this last summer of buying a new honda or making the ltr reliable again. I went with the obvious, to me, choice - put more money in the LTR!!:rockwoot:

New OEM parts:

-Fuel cock assy bowl and filter
-Fuel lines
-Fuel Pressure regulator
-Fuel Pump, not really OEM but the ebay version
-Throttle body and injector
-Couple new relay assy
-New wiring harness
-Bunch of other little stuff


-New motor from Yoshi, with kick start, "Stage 3" funness- cam, port, piston whatever else they do, all Hinson components, KMS shift pin.
-Dynojet PC V from FUEL MOTO - Replaced the Yoshi PIM
-Dyno'd at beaverton honda

-Factory Effex seat cover
-Rocky mountain number plate decals- $35 for all three, sweet deal
-CV4 Radiator Hose
-Tusk Radiator Cap
-Maxxis RAZR MX rear tires
-Maxxis RAZR Cross front tires
-DWT rear beadlocks wheels
-DWT black front wheels
-Houser Nerf Bars- replaced the old AC bars
-Repack Yoshi Pipe
-Motion pro throttle and clutch cable
-Bike master kill switch
-TM Designworks Chain Guide
-Dirtfiend Frame Grip tape
-IMS tank
-Inline fuel filter
-Bunch o bearings,
-chain, sprockets, case saver.

Next is long travel. I have been racing "A" class since I bought this and tell myself every year I'm buying suspension- but this is the year. Planning on going PEP, not sure on a-arms- either Houser or Walsh.

Anybody have any experience with Six5Design? Six 5 Design Llc - Atv Suspension, Fabrication, Metal Fabrication
They look pretty sweet.

Let me what you think

Thanks everybody - could not have an LTR without this website!:beerchug:


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LTR looks good! One thing I noticed though, it looks like you are running OEM lug nuts. I would switch over to a flat lug nut or you may ruin your new DWT wheels.

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I was wondering that when I installed the wheels. Thanks guys.
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