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My wasted ride pics!, Man I was pissed!

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I have been told by more than one person that this one spot in Dequincy, LA was an awesome spot. It is were they do maintenance on pipe lines so the woods are kept clear with alot of pathways. Well I got my family up at 6:45 this includes my wife and 2 kids. We packed up the car with goodies, we should have packed the kids in the trunk but I kinda like my freedom so they were in the back seat. We drove 45 minutes to this "AWESOME SPOT" according to people. When we got there I unloaded everything and everyone. We set up our base camp and I headed out to explore and look for riding spots for my wife and kids. Well this place SUCKED :evil: !!!!!!!!!!!!! It was ruled by 4x4's and trucks with 5' tires . I couldn't even get the LT-R into third gear without feeling like I was in bull riding contest . Well I found one OK spot and I mean only OK were I could get the LT-R in third. Luckly at the end of this tiny strip was a 2 foot jump and that is giving the jump a few inches kinda like what I use to tell girls when I was young, I always gave my self a few extra inches ! So My wife like a wonderful woman she is said lets salvage this and get a few pics of you jumping. Well here are my pathetic pics!

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Sorry to hear about the dud of a riding spot, but time out with the kids is valuable time out with the kids. Those are special moments you will never forget, thanks for sharing with us.
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