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Ive had this built for about a month but i just never had time to post it. I have a 400ex K&N Wid no airbox, Yoshimura PIM & FIMAK, Yoshimura intake cam, Xceldyne +1 OS Ti Valves, Turtle Racing Engines Ported the head and got me his 14.25:1 CP piston, and White brothers Exhaust.Overall the thing hauls A$$. In a few months I will make a few changes.Prolly bigger airfilter, Megacycle cams, VP 13.75 piston, Dasa Exhaust. That will prolly dive me a few more horses. I was going to get the yoshimura exhaust cam but terry(turtle racng engines) told me stock is better.Ive pulled a few holeshots and it really is ALOT faster.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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