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My Seat Wont Come Off

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after I cleaned my airfilter and rode my bike a little I hit a 45 footer and crashed fairly hard. when I got back and patched up my leg I tried to clean the bike and see the damage and it wasnt too bad.. handlebars and new ac grabber is shot :( but when I tried to take my seat off no luck.. it seems like the spring is broken or something.. I am not sure if it happened when i crashed but it worked before that so I am not sure.. I am worried I bent something under the seat and I cant see it yet :( any ideas
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Well if I stick a screwdriver in the cable hook and really really pull with all my weight it unclips. Maybe I will see what WD40 does to her.. anyone else got any good lube ideas that might work?
I didnt bend my stem or anything.. she just did a front flip.. I cant even see how flipping would have anything to do with the seat.. I am going to have to get a really good look at it
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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