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My Home Made Frame Gaurds

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If you look, they are there. I made a posterboard template, traced it out, then cut it and put it on. I only wish I had done it sooner, the frame was already scratched up. <_< It was done with this stuff. Here
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Where did you get those Heel guards from? I'm already cracking my stock ones.
They are from the Pro Armor Fat Peg nerfbars. They have the nerf, peg, and heelgaurd all in one.
yes make some more and I'll buy a set
I dont know If Ill make more or not. I have no idea how much to charge at all. It wasnt all that hard to do, you should give it a try.
well how much was all the stuff to make it, and where did you find that color.. maybe the site should make some and put it in the store..
Factory Effex has the stuff, its just clear. It comes in a 14" x18" piece and you can make about 4 from one sheet. The sheat cost $20.
I did the same thing to mine before I even rode it and my boots wore right through the clear stuff and my paint.

How is you're clear job holding up?
Do you use boots?
Mine is holding up awesome, its gone through about 200 miles of riding along with 2 pressure washings.
Are you wearing boots?
Yep, thor T-30's.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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