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My Aribox Mod

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Wasn't sure where to put this so here it its.

I trimmed the top of the airbox on the right, rear and left side. I trimmed the left side further down. I also drilled two large holes in the bottom for both air intake as water drainage. The last thing AI did was to get rod of the mounting bracket for the stock filter and drill a large hole just to make it look better than the cut out square that was there.

She's definitely peppier and the strange thing is that my AF barely changed at all. I mean it's almost no change which tells me that there is some adjusting going on somewhere in the system. I really thought this would lean it out quite a bit but it didn't. It's definately breathing better because it now has that chirp of the FCR40 to it at idle and you can hear it sucking in the air. I used a pneumatic grinding disc and a Rotozip to cut everything out except the rouind holes. Anyway here are the pics and yea she's dirty under the seat. You can tell I was riding in the mud last weekend.

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Nice job!
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