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Modification/Install: Exhaust Baffle

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!Baffle Modification/Install - By wht180 and BCGIRISH

Baffle Mod "Removing the Pea-Shooter"
-- -------------------- "Install time= 10-15 minutes"
Tools Needed:
1. Phillips head screw driver
2. #5 Allen
3. #8 Allen

Perform all these installs at your own risk. Know how to use all of your shop equipment and take necessary safety precautions when performing ANY modifications and or maintenance items to your vehicle. Seek the advice of a paid professional and do not substitute this publication for the advice of a paid professional. This product is how we accomplished our installs and is not meant to be carved in stone. We are not responsible for a mistake, misprint, or any other error found in this guide. This guide is intended as a supplement and not to be your only source of information.

The baffle or “pea shooter” is a spark arrester located in your muffler. Its purpose is to fulfill state and federal noise and emission regulations. Removing the baffle should only be done for the purpose of racing and is done at your own risk. Be responsible and follow all your local laws. When you remove the baffle you have NO SPARK ARRESTOR.

Step 1: Locating the Baffle. It is the small tube in the center of your muffler.

Step 2: Remove the brake light with any normal size Phillips Screw Driver.

Step 3: There are 3 bolts to remove on the cap covering the back of the muffler. They are #5 Allen.

Step 4: Now that the Baffle is exposed there are only 2 bolts left. Remove them and pull your baffle out. They are #8 Allen.

Step 5: Reinstall the bolts in the cap that was covering the baffle and the brake light. Place Baffle in a safe spot in-case you need to use it one day.

“Optional” Step 6: Remove your air box lid. "Mod #1"

**WARNING** It is highly recommended that you install a Yoshimura CRBM known as the “Cherry Bomb” when doing this mod. The EFI can not compensate for such a large increase in air flow by it’s self. Your LT-R450 may run lean without it.

Thanks to "wht180" and "BCGIRISH" for submitting this write-up.
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