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Me On My Ltr 450

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[attachmentid=816][attachmentid=811][attachmentid=812][attachmentid=813][attachmentid=814]me and the family at the track on post and my r450 after the starter went out and before i got it fixxed
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Goat? where you from?...that kinda looks like where I go puttin around in Indio... :D
Are you Ricky Carmichael?
no im not ricky carmichael, and junkie I live at fort irwin which is by barstow, CA out in the middle of the mojave desert

hey junkie im live at Fort Irwin, its out by Barstow, CA in the middle of the Mojave Desert
how many feet is that jump

looks big nice :lol:
hey thegoat was the fried starter under warranty? mine went out a couple months back and bump startin this thing is gettin old!!
how many feet is that jump

looks big nice :lol:
Looks about 60' from lip to sweet spot.
hey ltr450rr ya mine was under warranty and then when i got it fixxed it still dragged then i added the cherry bomb and now its fine
yeah mines under warrenty getting fixxed now
At least he's in the same state... :lol:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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