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Made A Few Runs With The Lm-1 Intalled

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Well I hooked the LM-1 Oxygen sensor up before it got dark and made a few runs. This thing is definitely running RICH. It averaged 12.28:1 (definitely rich) I made 2 runs in 4th gear at WOT, 2 runs in 5th gear at WOT, and 2 runs going through the gears at WOT. I didn't have time to hook up the RPM lead so I'll have to do that sometime this weekend and that will show me where I need to make adjustments. :D

Here's the graph which only shows the screen capture I did of the 1st minute (roughly). I'm trying to find a program that will let me capture my screen video as it plays.

Here's a couple of pics of the bung for the oxygen sensor:

I'm going to re-calibrate the oxygen sensor just to make sure it's right but I'm pretty sure it's spot on.

Here's a video of the Logworks software during the run:

Once you start the video you can click on it to enlarge it. Man, the quality definitely degrades when you upload it. I had it set on high quality too. If anyone knows any secrets to getting better quality let me know. The video is actually a screen capture of my computer as it was running so it was EXCELLENT quality until I uploaded it.

PS keep an eye on the top left gauge for the AFR. The other gauges aren't even hooked up to anything.
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Your the man ...... I will post ajustments made to my map once it is dynoed and dialed in.

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