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ok well idecided to part out my LTR450 i know it will move alot quicker if i sell it this way so here it is....i will only be selling the motor at this time, once it sells the rest of the bike will be parted out im asking 2,500 for the entire engine.....3,000 for the engine with carb kit (wiring harness, CDI, rectifier, all electrical)

motor has only one ride on it...maybe 30 mins run time tops, total.

- Carburator conversion
- kickstart converted
- CP HC race piston
- DirectDrive lockout clutch
- Racers Edge ported head
- +1 titanium exhaust valves
- megacycles X3/X4 race cams
- spring kit
- CP 13:75:1 piston
- carb bored 43.5mm

also have a OOF MMAD drag pipe for sale or will go with bike
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