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Ltr450 loud noise when in neutral until i shift into gear

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My ltr 450 is making a loud noise and making the chain jump each time it does it but only when I am neutral when I squeeze clutch it still makes the noise when I shift into any gear it stops plz help
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Pull your clutch basket and check the springs on the back side of it. Also check and make sure the basket isn’t badly grooved. Definitely think your issue lies in the clutch assembly though.
Ok appreciate the info the clutch looks fine as well as the springs and inside the basket I dont visibly see anything wrong I tried to move it and once the rpms go up in other gears it starts making the same noise again almost like its grinding a couple teeth of a gear then stops and starts ever few seconds right now I got the clutch off the bike if you got any clue what I should check next please let me know not putting it back together until I find the culprit
Hassss anyone found out what this mean? Having the same issue…
do you know anything about this topic? It's happening to me the same 🙄
Thank you!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts