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Ltr Vs 450r

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Well, Before the motocross track incident. I got to test out the quad.(after dasa,pim,stem,flexx,etc.) Me and my buddy did some draggin. Gravel road, trx was full mx setup. First race lost bu half a bike. 3rd race had it figured out won by 4 lengths. He was topped out before I was deep in 5th. Before I finish I had my klaws reversed for the sand and the 13 tooth on the front. This setup sucks on gravel especially with new found power. (Dasa,pim, and trinity intake awesome)After a couple more I would consistently take him. I asked him how much he weighed and we determined I had 70 lbs. on him. So we did the natural thing and switched bikes. He flat out blew me away, when he was on my quad. In al fareness he needed somw tweeking to his jetting but, it wouldn't have made that big of difference. The ltr rips I know people have said it before but now I know for myself. Sorry about the long ass writeup. But I got nothing better to do now. Just gonna try and heal up, can't wait to get the gearing right and hit the dunes next year.
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ya i had to ride both bike before getting mine... and the ltr seem smoother and solwer, but once opend up. i could not belive it....
so glad i went with this bike..........
Good deal...relax and try to enjoy the downtime while you can. With so much time on the forums here, that thing should be tuned to the max when you're ready to roll again ;)
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