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Ltr The Quad For Me?

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if I buy the new ltr, it will be the second quad I have ever owned. I am 16 years old and rode a banshee for a year, then sold it yesterday. I have cash to go out and buy the new ltr. Im just wondering if it will be alright for me? Im 6 feet tall, 175 lbs, ride pretty much everything, but mostly trails. I want reliability, good gas mileage, and a really fun machine!! So if you could just reply to these questions, that would be great.
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Dunno about the LTR for woods though... It doesnt have a reserve tank, so when the fuel light comes on you better be finding some fuel.. Also its pretty wide, not sure how tight your trails are. JMO, if the trails are narrow, I would suggest an e-start Honda 450R...
If you're concerned about reliability the electric start on the Honda isn't the way to go. They pretty much suck. Get the LTR or a Raptor.
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