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ok i have a blaster.....ummmmmmmm yaeh not fun anymore its a 05 heres the specs

2005 blaster white / red
toomey b1 pipe
uni air filter
air box vents
18' rear turf tamers
fly handle bars
v force 3 reeds
double wide foot pegs
and heel guards

i can probably get 2.8 - 3k for it around here ( i know it sounds like alot but more then 4 people offered it to me already )

i have 560 bucks and i get another 120 at the end of the month so thats like 680

if i sell the blaster and put a 3,680 or somthing dollar down payment that likes half of the quad

i get like 1k for xmas so that would be another big payment when it gets around that time or i might just use that for a upgrade or more

i can have it payed off in like 2-3 years or less

heres my question

should i sell the blaster and get one or should i just mod the fuck out of the blaster???????? or is there anything else u think i should do?

i want to mx so this or the 450r was my only other choice

this one is already mx ready


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If you think you may have outgrown the blaster then I can guaruntee you what you can to sell it, and upgrade ASAP. No one will tell you otherwise :)
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