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Ltr On Guam

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Round 5 of the GMAC Guam Moto-X Championships went well and was held on the island of Guam at the Calvo Memorial Off-Road Park in the village or town of Yigo-geegoe. Took the two moto sweep and added a little more cushion to the points lead. Heres a pic...........

Rules are little tame on the island and was able to run the LTR with out nerfs, no rear number plate or and number. The night before installed a KX 60 kill switch as the start button, teather kill switch-mandatory, removed baffle or pea shooter and air box cover. Also installed a Motion Pro twist throttle, renthal bars, and cherry bomb. It ran flawless only tightened up the front springs a bit between heats which helped for reasons I don't understand keeping her even over the rutted jumps.
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What about a nice write up on the handlebar control mods ???
Nice shots - I wouldnt ground out the coil wire to stop it if I were you - electronic systems are not too keen on coil wiring shorts !
Find the stator white wire instead ?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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