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LTR In my Garage !!!!

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Now, I will tell you first hand.. I picked up my Wife's LTR yesterday at 74 Motorsports in Lake Elsinore,
Ca .. White.. We brought it home and i sipped up the street with it, seems to have great power but i was on pavement so didn't take it out of 3rd.. suppenison really stiff.. going to have to have revalved for her since she only weighs 105.. it was 7299... + tax.. and setup.. 8200 otd.. I will take a pic of it, sometime today.. but if you dont' belive call info and get the number and asked them if someone pick one up yesterday.. Looking at the front of it, looks totally awesome and aggresive.. once i dune with it i will try to decide if i want to get rid of my 06 raptor.. So there you have it boys and girls.. no B.S. here... Good luck..
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Sweet. Can't wait for mine to show up. Looking foward to your pics later today.
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