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Ltr For Sand

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Hey all,new user here in need of suggestions. I am in the market for a fun quad. After riding my LT250 utility for 10 years i have been looking for somthing new. This quad looks awsome and the reviews i've read on it are great so far. My question is, i dont race but want something a little better than stock for riding in the beach dunes, and local offroad park. I would put paddles on for the sand and leave it stock for the offroad. Would the LTR be o.k. for the dunes or am i better off with th Z400. I really like the wider, lower profile of the LTR and dont mind spending a little extra for the better parts that come with the LTR. Will this quad serve me well for the beach or should i be considering something else since its more of a race quad? I am 5'6" and 41 years old if this helps. Thanks Lou
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Spend the extra $$ and get the Caddy(LTR). It will be quicker and not beat you up nearly as much as the Z's suspension will. The Z is a trail bike and no matter what it will feel that way. For the open sand beaches, no doubt, the Z is out!

EDIT: I fully pimped a kfx one time and still like the LTR better all the way around(the motor is built too, very quick bike).......

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I don't agree with Clone at all!!!!!!! He may go 100lbs soaking wet and he's full of chit!!! lol j/k

Did you finally sell it Adam?
I do not own the kfx anymore :(

Oh and you don't agree with me b/c you still own a trail snail. LOL! :lol:
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