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Ltr Drag Racers

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ok my neighbor has a limited editon yzf 450 w/piston,cam,pipe,intake the whole seebang. So i drag race the ol yzf almost daily to see how the progression of the mods compare.

1- ltr stock the yfz by 3 bike lengths

2-ltr crbm,lid off, baffle out -- yzf by 1 bike length

3-ltr yosh full exhaust, PIM,pro design intake ---ltr by 1 bike length

4-ltr yosh full exhaust, PIM,pro design intake, 13 tooth front spocket --- ltr 4 bike lengths

Number 4 will be the combo for me

Test site : ASPHALT ROAD
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Looks like i now need the PIM & PD Intake... ugh how i hate you :p
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