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Ltr Build

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First off I would like to thank John and Bret at Racers Edge of AZ. We put this bike together for the little LTR deal that they had this past weekend at Glamis, and the night drags wound up being the same night.

We decided a week before that we would do a quick build and Im more then happy with the outcome so far. We started with a Racers Edge of AZ port job, and after extensive flow work, Bret came up with something that works very well. After that we did a new valve job on the head. RE of AZ has the best valve machine you can buy. Less then a handfull in the nation. All single tip cutting. Next, CP 13.75 single ring, gas ported piston. We installed a Dyna FI controller and I could not be happier with it. By the 4th pull we had it spot on. Super easy to adjust on the fly. Racers Edge of AZ proto type intake was installed with big K&N filter. DASA pipe topped it off, but will soon be replaced with the Racers Edge of AZ prototype Zuke pipe. Other then that, nothing else is done to this bike.

Racers Edge of AZ- 520-631-0797

I know the graphs are hard to see. I will try to scan them soon. The baseline is 46/32 with no lid, baffle, and CB. The after graph with mods is 54/38.


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It was done by Racers Edge of AZ. Why is everyone trying to tell me different?

Dan Lamey (Team Racers Edge, DASA) had nothing to do with this bike. Tuners Edge which is owned by Brindley Hanson had nothing to do with this bike.

I know what Im talking about, and it was built by Racers Edge of AZ.
yes that's all well and good but who *built* your bike? just kidding...

great numbers!

is the valve machine a Serdi?

trying to learn about machining sorry for the dumb question.

By the way, how does the bike ride now after the build?

Dave, the machine is a Newen BB Contour. Single tip cutting, spins at an average of 2200. It can allow for an infinite angle valve job with it being a single tip. No chatter whatsoever, and makes for a much better seal. Not a dumb question.

The bike rides very well. Very strong through 1-3 and kind of lays over on the hill when you get it into 4th. Once I get that ironed out it should run very well.

This bike will make 60 on our dyno by dune season. And they call our dyno "The WidowMaker"
Thanks R3, interesting stuff...

What's the $$$ total if I had RE build one of these?
If you want I can give you a number, and you can call, and get a better idea. My bike was an in-house deal.

Sure sounds good...

I'm just in the "figuring out" stage right now so gathering info...

Might be making the switch to a single cylinder soon... :)
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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