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My 2008 ltr-450 wont start. It ran fine when i parked it 2 months ago. And when i tried to start it last week
it didnt start up did fire a cuple of times but then it kinda flooded it self wich i expected as the
temperature was -5c (41F). so i pretty much tried starting untill battery was dead and
after that we tried bumb starting it while towing it behind a car still nothing but
a cuple of laud bangs from exhaust. after this i let it sit in a warm garage for a day
with the spark plug removed and yes the plug had alot of gas on it.
So the next day i throw a new plug in it but still wont start.
Only some realy loud bangs from exhaust and i mean like
ear damaging high bangs
Checked spark, has spark but it doesnt seem to get fuel because
now the sparkplug wont get wet after a lot of cranking so i tried
ether but wont even start on that ether only thing i got on
ether was a backfire up in the air box wich seems realy
weird to me as i thought it was a fuel problem i had now
but it seems like some problem with ignition timing and
I dont work on a lot of small engines like this
but if there is spark should it not fire atleast a cupple of times
on ether?
The fuel pump is working
no broken fuses
Is it posible i fried the ecu from to much cranking?
Please help!

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Click the key into run and see if you are getting fuel out of the fuel line. It's been so long since I had my 450 but I think it would run and squirt out some fuel and tell you if there is a blockage. Wouldn't hurt changing out the lines and cleaning the tank.
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