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Hello Guys, to introduce myself: i am driving an 07 LTR 450 since 1 year now. I am driving quads since i am 7 years old.

My problem is that i am not really happy with my bike... i´m only having problems with it the whole time.
I had to renew the clutch, the exhaust, smaller things and had to buy a whole new ENGINE! due to a rod failure.. i had renewed the whole cylinder with valves and piston before also.
The bike is an US import, i am living in Germany.
I am the third owner of it, the second one, the one i bought it from, said he didnt have any problems with it... at the moment it is leaking oil on the left engine crank case and sometimes the engines shuts off after driving a while and idles low.

I dont know what to do with it.. it cost me already 2,5k :( I bought it for 4k, it had a power commander 5 installed, which likely was the reason to blow up the engine because it was set up badly wrong...

Anyone got an idea what i should/could do?
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