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Got the new issue of ATV Action and they did a dyno on the three 450's and guess who has the most stock HP? The LT! Beat the YFZ by one HP and the TRX, if you can believe it, by six HP! They also did a dyno with the Cherry Bomb, sparky removed, and the air lid off and the LT gained 2.5 HP. Adding the RS5 Yoshimura exhaust adds another 4.4 HP. And remember this is all rear wheel horsepower. Crank horsepower is even greater. So for all those people who say the LT engine is a dog....well looks to me that its not all that bad after all! It also goes to show you how much torque, weight, and gearing plays into how a bike performs. I've ridden all three stock (actually own two LT's and a O4 YFZ) and would never have guessed the LT would come out on top and the TRX would be such a slouch on the dyno.
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