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LS Oklahoma in July??

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What will the weather be like and will anyone be out there? I know it will be hot and humid but how bad? I will be in Edmond,OK visiting family and want to take a few days to go to LS and ride. Would also like to meet up with some of the OK people from the board to ride with if anyone will be out there.
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Let us know the dates and we might be able to make it...

July weather is normally very warm...we made a trip last year and it was upper 80's to low 90's and very nice thanks to a cool front but you should expect mid-upper 90's.

Good riding in the morning till about noon...then back out again at 7 pm and you will be fine.
I have no idea where you can rent a quad where at LS I know of.

If, and I say IF, we can hook up, we have a KFX700 your dad could is my wife's old ride.
Custom Axis suspension, billet overdrive clutch, O/B spring, Dyna ignition, flex bars, AC pro pegs, Muzzy exhaust, etc...

Easy to ride as it is an automatic....long and wide too!
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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