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LS Oklahoma in July??

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What will the weather be like and will anyone be out there? I know it will be hot and humid but how bad? I will be in Edmond,OK visiting family and want to take a few days to go to LS and ride. Would also like to meet up with some of the OK people from the board to ride with if anyone will be out there.
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you're coming into town. I live in Norman and we can probably meet up for the drive up there..... not that its hard to find.

Just let us know when.
Plans have change a little. Days are the same but we will be bringing a campertrailer. So my next question is where are some good camp sites that have hookups?

Stop by and say Hi if your there. Look for my Black Tundra with Nevada Voulenteer Firefighter plates oin it. Or the bike, White no stickers black FUEL bumper and HMF pipe and hopefully paddles if the get here in time. Hope to see ya there.


North camp / Cowboy camp is probably the nicest. Basicly you'll drive right past the park gates about 2miles up the road there will be a gas station on your left. You'll enter on the road to the left. Follow it around to the left. It ends in North camp. Once in North camp you'll see another road heading up a small hill to the left. The nice pull through spots are back there.

We'll be heading out either Thursday or Friday night.

There are no sites with "full hookups". But there are quite a few with water and electric. Worse come to worst, we can probably split a site if I get a big one in cowboy camp since my trailer isn't that big.

Thanks for the info. As long as we get one with electic to run the AC were good. The trailers a 24ft if we can split one that fine by me. If not we'll see about getting a space next to you.
Thanks again
we'd be able to fit the two in one of the big spots no problem. The wife and I talked.... we'll more than likely take the trailer up Thursday evening to get a better chance at a spot.
I won't be able to stay till the 5th anymore..... the kids are already pissed about having to spend the whole weekend with me and they all talked me into coming home the night of the 4th.

We're heading up this Friday after work. I'll probably be taking the trailer up there on thursday evening. And I don't know of any rentals.


P.S. You should have no problem getting a nice spot to camp if you come up on Wednesday.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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