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Looking for LTR pin out info concerning Cherry Bomb

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Hello all, my first post around here may or may not interest you..? I am looking to increase the performance of my King Quad 700. Being that it shares much in engine design and EFI with the R450, I am hoping someone may help with the pin out info on the diagnostic conector to which the Cherry Bomb plugs into...

This plug is the same on the King, has a total of 6 possible outputs, and only 4 are used. I am wondering if the King also has a "hidden" map that perhaps the CRBM or a 98.8 ohm resistor could put to use. So I need to know how many wires output to the R450 plug, and what voltages they produce with the key on and off. If you've read this far, thanks for bearing with... Perhaps we can benefit from each other in the performance game? A big bore LTR with 700 exhaust valves sure would move!
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Thanks for the quick input, guys. You are on my wave length - it is not likely that Suzuki has a map hiding, but there's a posibilty (which is explained in the next paragraph)... I managed to find those posted links along with a few others during a google search a few days back... which led me here. :) I can't quite see all the wires in the R450 harness there. How many have pinouts? Could someone test the outputs of them? Does the white output 5V? I have the black/white trace in my conector, that wire reads 12V ground key on or off. However, no white wire exists in the same row, opposite corner of the plug, to bridge it to. There is a white/red trace directly above it, it outputs about 5V, which I'm told is a typical voltage for an automtive ECU to run on. The other two wires both put out 12V + with the key on.

Allow me to add what is trying to be accomplished here... The King uses a BIG 695cc single w/ a DOHC 4 valve head, 36mm intake and 33mm exhaust valves, the 102mm bore x 85 stroke should have much much more low end than it is developing. It is down right WEAK on the bottom. Most think Suzuki backed the timing way down... for... safety or???? Two model years and no one in the aftermarket has touched the timing yet. This is a very similar problem to the road bikes, which have a similar resitor trick to get rid of it....

Thanks again!
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