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Little Sahara, Sand Fest!!!

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Ok...who is all going? Its SEPT 15th-17th i believe. If i have the dates wrong please let me know...
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If your Single....or your Significant other is outta town. Bring lots and lots of BEADS hahaahahaha...I love me some Boobie's :) :) :) :)
Im in..............Got my camp site and getting ready as we speak

Damn...You already put $$ down on your spot....Shit....hahahaaha
We put $$ 2 weeks in advance for snake hunt....Where you staying at? Cowboy, north or south camp?
Anyone else hitting this up?
PM Sent
Might pick up good ol JAEGER for this trip muhahahahhah....I got my Beads Ready :)
I have my case of RedBull in the fridge already.........and my Kegerator

OH DAMN....This makes for one hell of an eventful trip for sure. JAEGER BOMBS for sure :)
man that's one hell of a ride from Town to the North Gate....
FOUL!!!! Low blow. 15 yrd penalty. 2nd down!!!

MUAHAHAHA....Its just south camp so far....Thats all the way across the dunes, then the dirt road, cross the street to another road then about a mile or so to another street, cross the tracks. then down a paved road to a dirt road. Over a bridge and park the quad muhahaahah....Would be one hell of a Ride though that's for sure. Alwyas intersting.
Well WHT180 went down Friday and got our RV spot right across the Bathroom and gate at South Camp...If your GANA be at sand fest, be sure to stop by...Just look for the Yellow and White LTR's :)
Are you in the public area or the reserve area on the south side? I will be heading down Thursday morning with a couple of YFZ's and a 700 Raptor. Any idea on how many spots are still left?

Oh man....honestly i think its gonna be hard to get a spot..You might have luck if you go Thursday but that a MIGHT....We are on the Public side. The bathrooms are directly infront of us and the gate is about 100 Ft down the street. Are guys just camping it out or you have RV and trailers?
We have a enclosed trailor but we may also have a few tents and a canopy. The area you are staying in is always where we try to stay. I will keep my eye open for the 'Shocker'! :)

Ahh i see..Sounds good. We will have WHT180's Toyhauler so we'll all be in that. We all gotta hook up though and party like its 1999 :).....and you cant miss the SHOCKER. I'm sure there wont be any other Yellow's out there like mine....
I know why your so slow now!!
ITP Sandstars Front & Rear
LOL this is True...I followed in WHT180's footsteps not knowing any better and found out the hard way. They kick ass in the trails and if i just wanna mess around in the sand though. I think i'll be using his 7 paddle haulers like last time. Im sure ill end up Buying them off of him anyways.
2 more days...Damn i cant me a nice bottle of Jaeger yesterday on base and got the bike all cleaned up :)...WOOO HOOOO
OH SHIT..Well we know where the party will be at...both our camps if you cant fit in ours :)
Just had to say it wasa blast this weekend. Good to finally meet up with ROY and JOE....Tried looking for you JOE again after you left the drags but it was damn near impossible. Roy had his Keg and Loads of Jaeger. SO Yeah i was pretty tipsy LOL...
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