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Little Sahara, Sand Fest!!!

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Ok...who is all going? Its SEPT 15th-17th i believe. If i have the dates wrong please let me know...
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Im in..............Got my camp site and getting ready as we speak
We are staying right behind Harleys Bar in this point I have no idea how large the spots are.....Im going to call him and touch base today.....Ill let you know if he has any left......I know he was renting them for 20.00 a night....thats with full hook ups...(I think he only has 2 w/ Sewer) But Ill let you know ASAP! I think I have 4 guys comming w/ me!! Will let ya know......
PM Sent
I have my case of RedBull in the fridge already.........and my Kegerator

Might pick up good ol JAEGER for this trip muhahahahhah....I got my Beads Ready :)
BINGO!!! I think we can have our own
Afrade you cannot keep up w/ my wife?? HAHA
Ya Im sure.......but if we cannot find nothing its better than staying at home!
like I said, if I can get an RV spot in North camp you're welcome to come and split it with us.

Sounds fine..Ill chat it over w/ everyone........Will let you know 1st of the week.....
Im loaded as we speak.......will be leaving at 630 sharp tomorrow!! I have a big bottle of Jeager/case of red bull and a 16g keg in the trailer!!!!!
Yup wonderfull time w/ all you guys cannot wait till next month!! Might have a new truck if they cannot get mine right at 120-140 miles PER TANK!!!!...To say the least IM NOT HAPPY!!!!!!
1 - 10 of 37 Posts
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