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Light Removal..

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Maybe I missed the thread on how to remove the light, or is there one? I mean the wires not the headlight, as I know it only has one bolt, so I got that. I followed the wires but didn't know how to take them off or did not find the plug(?). So I just put the light back on and went riding. Anybody want to point me in the right direction? Thanks.
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take off the light, then pull the bulb out of the light from the back, remove bulb, tape over the connector and zip tie somewhere under the nose out of sight.
You don't actually have to pull the bulb out. All you have to do is disconnect the plug on the back of the assembly. Then you can tape it up and zip tie it like Baracuda was saying.
Thanks Guys. I actually thought you had to take off all the wires. Feel stupid now. lol
I appreciate it. Thanks again.
its also in the owners man. as well.
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