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Are you Wally's brother ?
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oh thats just cruel..... lets take it easy on him.... he is willing to listen and someone gave him advise sorry forgot who and he did not argue about it unlike the a arm thing oh wait 2 a arm arguements one with FUEL about 1/2 wider arms and another with most of the members on here about his bros alleged(sp) LT arms for his kawi and how he well not him but his bro was gana(hahahaha) screw the company over....
i just pmed junkie and he had 2 more posts in that time
All I know is that if someone changes my avatar sig to "Fuels Bitch"?...I'm gonna be pissed! :angry:
LMAO :lol:

moderators i think he was asking you guys....
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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