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Lake Elsinore Grand Prix?

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anybody going to race? i'll be racing in the novice class, you guys should join. it's a great race. i raced last year, and it was fun as hell, you get to race through the streets of lake elsinore, and the other half is dirt.
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yeah i live in wildomar, that's just five minutes away, so no need to camp for me, but good luck cuda. i also been seeing that alot of people live hear in so cal, so i think all you guys should join, the race itself is not technical at all. so even you desert riders can do great here, and plus they have alot of classes for different riding skills. so therefore join people!
looks like it's just me and cudda going to race. i thought there would be more of you guys racing since alot of members live within an hour of lake elsinore.
i had heard of the big six, but never raced. i look into it and get back to you on that. all i've raced is elsinore last year, i was going to race adelanto but my old ds650 was in the shop for some busted seals, so i had to sideline it and watch my brother and buds race, so this year for sure i'll race elsinore and if bad luck doesn't hit, i'll race adelanto. i'll for look into the big 6 thanks for the heads up cudda. and as for junkie glad to see more people wanting to join the race, that's awesome. also there is the "soboba grand prix" that same weekend with a quad race on saturday, with the pro quad race on sunday, if anybody is interested.
i registered yesterday for the novice class and the price is 95.00, plus a 7.00 dollar fee for registering through active. but if you don't pre register it's more expensive.
just got my e-mail from gfi telling me i'm going to be #48 for the race, and today i passed by the area the race is held on and it looks like there is about 75 rv's and toy haulers already there. and the race is still a week away. so if you want to park your hauler out there cudda and get a good spot you have better set up now.
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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