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Kick Start

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For those of us that don't trust batteries ...

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Ever try to kick start anything that stalls on a steep hill? I'll just hit the button and charge the battery if it gets low! Who cares about a few extra pounds lol :eek:
I watched a guy try to get a 2 week old 2005 450r started on a very technical hillclimb after stalling, as he tried to get it started it slid backwards with the brakes locked and picked up speed and then hit a log which stopped the rear wheels and over he went destroying the quad and breaking his collar bone then myself and 2 others on 400ex's that had stalled in the same spot and fired them up and cleared the top had to go back down and pull his destroyed kick start 450r and him all the way to a trail head for an ambulance ride. Thats when I decided kick starters are for mx racing only! (my oppinion) But to each his own my old mx bikes were all kick start machines and I loved them Go figure!
I'm sure that is possible my step-sons 2005 predator 90 has electric start with a kick back up!(as did many older honda utility quads) And for you mx'ers that weight is definately a factor (it is probablly a must for you guys?) every ounce lighter helps right! As for us technical trail riders usually when I need mine started in the middle of a trail it's very seldom because I took a break lol :eek:
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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