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Kick Start

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For those of us that don't trust batteries ...

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wow , were did you find that pic?
I think it originated on ATVScene.

I will probably use it as a backup, if you can have both, that is. If it is one or the other, the E-Start is coming off. I'm all for reliability.
Ever try to kick start anything that stalls on a steep hill? I'll just hit the button and charge the battery if it gets low! Who cares about a few extra pounds lol :eek:
Tell that to the 06 ER owners. I bet they wish they had a kicker. :wink:

And yes, I have kicked my R on a steep hill .. not too bad as long as you do it right away.
Oh yea .. and who else is gonna be getting those heelsguards ASAP?

Just noticed the QT seat cover .. VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kick start DEFINATELY can suck. I agree! But, like you said .. kick for MX. I race MX. I plan on having the kicker just for back-up if that is possible.
For some weight is the most important thing. But, IMO, I would rather reliability. If I stall, I want to hit that button and get going FAST. If that button doesn't work, then I at least want a back-up so I don't get a DNF and lose all those points. So, I will have both on my LTR.

Plus, I like riding the trails around the house and e-start is nice out there.
It is electric start. They have said the possibility of a kick-start kit, like the yamaha does for the yfz.
I know. I was just showing that it is definate that there will be a kicker option.
1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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